Sunday, December 6, 2009

The pictures below are of some fun family times. The first is of Brian and our niece Railyn. She is such a cutie and the baby of the family so she gets some extra attention I am sure. The other two are from a trip to my parents house. I thought Andy was so cute at their desk. After all a farmer needs time to do his books too! Then Mom plays the piano but it has been years since she has played for us so we couldn't get let those Grandchildren miss out on that. I love Christmas music so this was really fun for me. They loved it so that makes it all worthwhile.

Today was tree hunting day and we have had some snow to go with it. The kids loved it or at least most. Andy is still looking for the magic in that! So now it is up and we are hoping it remains so. The kids told me that 19 days it too long to wait and I am thinking it is all going so fast. How age does that to you!


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