Friday, January 8, 2010


Happy Belated New Year!

2010 has come and after almost 3 weeks of Christmas break and all that came with that we are back to life. Riley just went back to school yesterday and he was very ready. We had a good Christmas and made lots of memories for the kids. Went to both sides of the family and had some good family time at home too.

I had meant to post earlier but it just so happens that when I went to download pictures I figured out my memory card is not working. So just like the old days we must now remember what Christmas looked like as I can't get that memory card recovered. I love technology but every once in awhile I don't love it!

We had the fun time of going to see our good friends from Palisade last weekend. Always so much fun. There was tons of snow where we went. We even got a little park time in the snow!


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