Friday, January 8, 2010

Brian's surprise

For those of you who know us not a word that describes Brian and I well. We love each other dearly and will for life but really you are talking about an accountant and a banker so romantic is not usually in our makeup. The weekend after Christmas Brian got me good though. I was told we were going out to eat downtown Denver and wear something nice. I did. When we got to this very old hotel we walked in and I thought that sure looks like my sister and her husband and wouldn't you know it was them. 1st surprise. Then we went to dinner and the waiter asked if we had to be done at a certain time and Brian said yes that we were going to a show! Which show was he talking about? He had gotten tickets to the "Little House in the Prairie" musical with MELISSA GILBERT as Ma. As a little girl I LOVED Little house, ok maybe I still do:) and it made me cry I couldn't believe he had done all of this. So the 4 of us then headed to the show. SO very good. I loved every minute of it. There was one last surprise for Michelle and I and that was the guys had gotten us rooms to stay downtown Denver. It was overwhelming. What a wonderful night. They say your wedding night is the best...I say they are wrong this was the best and how lucky am I to have Brian. I never thought in a million years about something like this. He got me good and he knew it:)


Jon and Debbie said...

Wow! How awesome! Ok, I think I am going to have to read this post to my hubby..hint, hint. What a wonderful and thoughtful husband!
I loved Little House too!

Sharon said...

Sounds wonderful!!!! Thanks for your prayers for Hudson!!1

Susan said...

That is great! We are not really the romantic couple either. Thad did something similar to this for me a few years back after I had gone to be with my sister for a week after her surgery...guess he missed me :) I know you will always treasure it! I Little House - sometimes I will find my oldest watching it & I can't help but sit down!

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