Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Prep

Tomorrow Riley turns hard that is to believe. Tonight we are getting ready for a friend to come over and a birthday dinner of his choice. Apple Pie was the chosen dessert. Hope it lives up to its expectations!

I had been scanning in pictures of Riley when he was little and decided to post some. The second is with my Grandma who has sense passed away but this will always be a treasured photo to me. It is even hard to believe he was born "pre digital" time...can that be true!

He is a trooper in this family. I think it is hard to be first in this group. He is really patient with his youngest siblings which I don't think is easy. They can be trying in situations that he may find embarrassing such as at school etc. When we went to school today Andy ran up and gave him a kiss...which I later thought is not something all 8 year olds would tolerate.

He is a star wars junkie (from his Dad !). He talks a language I don't understand but that is okay! Looking forward to tomorrow and celebration with family. We are going bowling and may I say the last time we bowled KATIE beat both Brian and to follow!


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