Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Andrew Gotcha Day 2 years

Andrew has been home for 2 years now. We mark the day we meet him by a special dessert and watching his video from China. It is always a day to think back where we have been and where we are going. He has come so far and changed so much. Even though he has grown he still is that cute little boy Brian first held. He was said to have been very busy at the orphanage and that has not changed. He has more energy than anyone I know. If he is still you can bet his eyes are closed and he is sleeping. We get quite a few stares with this bundle of energy but I just figure they are either worn out watching or wishing they had some of it! There were so many who loved him in I wish he could see them now. So many hearts that hurt at goodbyes while we said Hello. As with any adoption there are many stories that have many emotions in them but God had a plan for us and him. He has the best smile and that is what he known for. I wouldn't change a day of Andy as our son...and if you ever see me in the grocery store with him and his siblings remind me of this...just joking:)


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