Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall or Summer??

Life is moving along for all of us Prichards. I realized as I went to post that I haven't really taken any pictures recently. That will all change as we have all started fall activities. All 4 are at least signed up on a soccer team...does that mean we will all play I have no idea:) I am coaching Andy, Katie and Brianna's team. I have never played soccer but a friend and I figured we could figure out this young team. Think we were right as most of the time we are just trying to keep people in line or convince them that they too will get a chance to kick the ball! School is good and we are settling into a routine. Four o'clock is a crazy time as everyone needs some help with something but all is good!

I will have pictures soon. It is my turn to leave a little this weekend as I am having a scrapbooking retreat. Hoping for some time to really work on my albums!


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