Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday I turned 37 and my little sister turned 31. Memories come back of 1980 when she was born and when we found out we had another June 4th birthday in the family. She was the perfect gift for me a new baby to hold and help with. Then as we grew I would always think of June 4th as our special day one that made us unique. This birthday was also shared with my cousin. This would be the first year he would not be with us. Even though many years ago family and distance made it so we didn't spend the day together he was always close to my heart especially on this day. I believe he is with God and in painless peace but that didn't fill the hole his absence left yesterday. I know to be thankful for life and goodness both my sister and I have in our lives and I know my cousin would want this too.


Sharon said...

Happy Happy Birthday Teri!!! Wish I was there to celebrate YOU! and hb to your sis!

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