Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gotcha Day

Three years ago Andrew became our son. I had waited so long it seemed for this day. I prayed for him and hoped to hold him soon. Seems like a lifetime ago now as I can't imagine my life without him . As with any change in life we have had our ups and downs and changed in so many ways. They had always told us he was active and that has certainly been true. I give him the credit for keeping his Mom's stamina up. At first Andy would only want Brian and how my heart ached. I longed for him to call me Mom and want me to "make it better". It took some time and lots of persistence in showing him he was home and loved him forever. Now many times I can find him on my leg saying "Mama" his name he alone calls me. I can only imagine what his mind thought on those first days and how much pain he felt. China is on his mind a lot and he talks about it. We always vow to go back one day and help the "Andy's" that are left for they all need someone to call Mama.


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