Monday, November 7, 2011

Mini Me- Miss Abby

Our neice Miss Abby and I went on a very cold morning to take some pictures. I call Abby "Mini Me" as she reminds me of myself in many ways.  She has that look in her blue eyes that says she will get to the place she intends in her own style and way.  She has an energy that makes most tired I am sure! 

It was great fun to have one on one time with Abby.  We had some fun discussions in that priceless five year old way!

When Abby gets upset she has this look...and oh how hard it is not to giggle! Those blue eyes can really shine!

I feel so blessed to have the chance to spend this time with her and to hopefully watch her grow up, because I know what that look of determination means...I have seen it in my own eyes!


Shane French said...

That's my girl...Great pictures Teri...

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