Monday, February 20, 2012


Today would have been my Grandma's birthday.  I always think of her on this day and many others.  I wonder what her life was really like when she was my age. She had a large family on a farm with plenty of work.  I doubt her days included "me" time or time to reflect on life.  I heard the stories being told as I was growing up but most likely was not really listening.  I had to first walk in the shoes of motherhood before I began wonder about her time as a mother with kids at home.  I know she was calm and easygoing traits I failed to inherit.  I imagine her in an apron with kids underfoot, mud and chickens in her yard, and laundry on the line.  Maybe in so many ways simpler than the life we choose to lead. She lived in a small town where time stops it seems.  I wish she was here to listen from her voice about those days.   


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