Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-School

On Monday our summer ended.  It was back to school for us.  When I say "us" this year it meant everyone would be going to school all day. 

The first day meant new outfits and those shoes. They are such a statement of the times. 

Each child tugged at my heart as I said goodbye, but with these two it was the hardest.  They are the babies and they are now full time school students.  I did cry...not at school I waited until I left.  They were so excited and I wanted them to see me excited for their new adventures. 

When I got home it was really very quite here.  It just felt so very "alone".  I didn't like it.  I have picked up some more accounting work so the day was spent in my office.  This will eventually feel like the new normal but this week it felt very empty. 

When the first day ended and that big yellow bus pulled up there were these cards.  They held the stamps of two of the four kids I love most in the world.

Following along with my friend Lisa on Favorite Friday photo.

the long road


Gina Kleinworth said...

What a busy time!!! I love that one of all the feet- watching them all grow is so much fun.

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