Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Two...Six...Year...Olds

Today we have two new six year olds at our house! The excitement was growing all week about this day. We had a party last night at some local city park rides.  Twenty-five cents a piece for a ride provides a lot of entertainment for eight little kids. 

There have been a lot of secrets and plans being made this week. They get to plan the menu for today so we would start out with crepes, corn dogs for lunch, and chicken nuggets for dinner. These last two meals are very different from what we normally eat so they love that part of their birthday. 

These two seem to know how to work together and I would say get along most of the time. They are just too very blessed we are ! 

A time for photos at their party last night with just Mom and Dad. I like this as I hope one day they will like to have a photo that does not include all their siblings.  Lovely hair Katie has!  I hope one day I remember how she gave these hair pieces as gifts to her "girl friends"

Following along with Sunday Snapshot
The first photo was taken with my Canon d60

Shutter 1/168  ISO 100 and f 2.4 

I edited in CS5 with M4H actions at lower opacity and some adjustments with curves. 

Ni Hao Yall


Gina Kleinworth said...

HOW EXCITING!!!!!! Looks like a great time.

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday to the two new SIX year olds! What fun :)

Tammi said...

Oh, I hope they had a happy birthday! What a pair!!

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