Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshot-Twilight

We are not 16:All in our thirties (some close to 40):All happily married: Many responsibilities in life: Seven kids ( and waiting for one) between us:  Had to see Breaking Dawn 2 together: Three sisters  

We all read the books.  I was never going to "waste" my mind on them.  Many were reading it and my sisters were among the readers. Discovered that a 16 year old girl in me still lives (a little).  When we were in Seattle my parents took a road trip that passed Forks and we all ended up with Twilight shirts! 

A great escape with these amazing women, my sisters, for a night. And just to touch on being a vampire...I kind of like the idea of never having to sleep, rarely eating, and endless amounts of energy!  And of course Edward.....


Ni Hao Yall

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