Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Snapshot-Thankful Basics-Week One

In the photography class I am taking and LOVING with Lisa we have a new theme this month. Thankfulness. So when I was thinking of what I am going post in this month of Sunday's Snapshots I decided to do what I am most thankful for.  This  week I was thinking of starting at the basics. The things in my world that without them would create a life of  daily struggling. The first was being thankful for food. Food that I too often take for granted. Food that feeds my kids almost without a thought and how many women in this world live without this. A fact that will always haunt me.

The second thing this weekend is water. Water that even during our drought flows freely.  Water that makes people and plants that I love grow.  How many hours do most women in the world work each day to carry water to their families?  So many that conserve should be at top of this families priorities. 

Lastly I am thankful for wood.  Wood that warms our house and makes us cozy on those winter nights that are coming. 

Next week there will be more I am thankful for.  I am so looking forward to this project. Once again finding a way to look through the lens on my camera and see what truly makes up the life I lead. To see our life and all the ways we need to help others who need so very much.

Following along with Stephanies Sunday Snapshot. 

Ni Hao Yall


Betsy said...

Great post! Love the pictures and the reminder of not taking things for granted.

Gina Kleinworth said...

LOVE your watering can. Seeing all that wood for the winter is comforting.

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