Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Riley

Today Riley Lynn is eleven years old.  We are excited to spend this day with a son that makes us very proud

Eleven years ago we would wait two days in the hospital for Riley to come.  He was so bitty at four pounds fourteen ounces and now with the blink of an eye he is getting ready to go to middle school. 

This is a son who at this time dreams of being an engineer.  He loves a good bookRiley has made a request to move downstairs this summer to his own room.  He loves the fact he stays up later on weekend nights while everyone else has to go to bed.  He talks of a first hunting trip this fall. 

Riley has asked for a sledding party for his birthday this year. So that is what the plan will be.  He has set out the menu for tomorrow complete with a lemon meringue pie. 

My love for this son runs deep just like all of our children.  On a child's birthday it seems like a day to think of all that has happened over the years.  A time to remember the first time you saw them and the love that seems to flow from you.  Happy Birthday Riley we are excited to see what life holds for you!


Shane French said...

This kids will be unstoppable!! Happy Birthday Riley!!!!

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