Friday, May 31, 2013

Favoite Friday Photo- Ballet...the season's end

This week we ended school as well as some activities.  The biggest one for me was ballet. We had our mini-recital last night and it was wonderful.  So much to be proud of and so many little ones adorable in all the makes ballet beautiful!  I have three different levels of ballet and each shined in their own way!

I have taken many ballet photos this week of some of my dancers.  This is my start of my new photography business. Of course it would not be complete without my beautiful girls and Brianna was the first.  Katie's turn is in the works. 

Life is funny with all its twists and turns.  I have no idea what path life is taking me on but I am loving the ride! 

Now on to start the SUMMER!!!!!!

the long road


tiarastantrums said...

beautiful! I want to do this with my niece

Patrice said...


quilt'n-mama said...

What a beautiful ballerina you have!
I love these!

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