Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Snapshot- First Communion

Today is Brianna's day.  Her first communion.  A day that is about her and she is excited. She looked so beautiful in my sister's dress when we went out to take photos the other night.

I had been thinking of these photos awhile and what I wanted to do.  Practice and more practice hoping to get it right one day:)

Today she will be surrounded by family and friends and give us a chance to celebrate.  We love you Bri and are very proud of you!

Ni Hao Yall


abrianna said...

The one in black and white is my favorite.

katrina said...

What a special day. I hope she enjoyed it.

Diane said...

Such a beautiful post Teri...brings tears to my eyes. I know how very special your.sister's dress is and how much it means to all of you. Your photo's of Brianna are absolutely gorgeous! Love the light! I am sure you and your family and friends enjoyed this special day with and Brian must be so proud of your little girl:)
God Bless,

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