Friday, June 14, 2013

Favorite Friday Photo- Sweetness of Ellie

A beautiful baby girl has joined my sister's family by means of adoption.  I couldn't be more excited to love on this little girl and to welcome her into our family.

As so many know adoption is not always marked by an easy path but in the end it is beautiful.  This little Miss Elizabeth is so lucky to have a big brother to watch over her.  I can only imagine what he will teach her!

I love being a mother with all my heart but being an Aunt is a close second!  When she looks at you with those eyes there is a story. It is her story but I know how love flows beyond biology. I can tell this little princess love is flowing from all of us that love her! 


the long road


Diane said...

She is so precious Teri and I love how you captured her beautiful family. Big Brother looks so proud! LOVE all these photos and this sweet post:)
God Bless,

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