Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fifteen years of Marriage and a Middle Schooler

Fifteen years ago we were twenty two and twenty four.  Fifteen years ago the world was ours. We both had degrees, we had our first little rental house complete with blue carpet, we debated over when or if to have a family, and basically we were young and in love.  Fifteen years later I still love Brian to the moon.  He is the rock in our house and always will be.  He is the calm and a wonderful father and husband.  Yes marriage has its lows and highs and we have experienced all of them and will continue to.  The family we couldn't decide to have has grown to six (more if I had my way:)) and life is busy, full, and fun. When I think back on this day it was HOT!  One hundred degrees in that dress was something else. I remember seeing Brian down the isle and walking in with my Dad.  I think of all the faces in the crowd many who stand by us today.  The world was ours but we were not as wise as we are now.  If it is in God's plan we will see many more of these anniversaries and with it our plans and lives will change, but through it all love will be what it is today and more. 

As I think about what life was at twenty four I saw today what it is like at thirty nine.  I dropped Riley off at middle school today.  A little tough on this Mom and no camera's were allowed. He is lucky mine is in the shop:)  I know he is going to fly and we are so proud of him! 

the long road


quilt'n-mama said...

Happy anniversary!I hope you had a wonderful day to celebrate.

RaD said...

Happy belated anniversary! We just celebrated 15 this year too!

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