Friday, September 13, 2013

Favorite Friday Photo- Golden Beauties

For weeks I have driven by all the beautiful sunflower fields. I know to many they are just weeds but I love them.  I really wanted one of the girls to go out in the fields for some photos.  Brianna was more than willing if I let her wear what she wanted:)  It was a gorgeous morning out.

The bad news about this is we figured out Brianna is allergic to sunflowers or at least when she is in the middle of a field.  A little Benadryl helped out at home but we did capture just what I had in my mind.

Life does not look like this today. It has been raining a lot here and once again we really needed it.  It feels like a day that is about good books, maybe a new knitting project, and some hot tea. Of course reality will settle in and it will be more a day of chores, homework and whatever needs to be done but girl can dream right!

the long road


Unknown said...

So pretty, I love the way you captured the light!

...melody... said...

Beautiful! Glad you were able to capture the image before she got her reaction! :) Ohh the things we make our kids do...

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