Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorite Friday Photo- Tears and Trees

We have all seen those movies that are the Hallmark kind. The family goes out to find the tree on a beautiful day and right in front of them is that beautiful tree with children singing Christmas carols all around them.  It was kind of like that:)  The day was beautiful with lots of snow and the sun shining down.  Only one problem some forgot their coats and none wore snow pants.  This lead to tears very quickly and a selection of a tree that was the fastest I have ever seen.

In the end the tree is up, a few gifts wrapped, and we are getting close to ready.  Brian and I laugh now when we think about this day. It isn't the first tree hunt with tears and it won't be the last I am sure.  The truth is life doesn't work like Hallmark but we can keep still hoping it will one day!

A weekend is ahead of us full of baking, a tap performance, and hopefully a Christmas card will get written.  Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

the long road


quilt'n-mama said...

The pictures are beautiful:)
I hope you have had a wonderful week so far!
Blessings friend and Merry Christmas!

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