Friday, August 22, 2014

A weekend away!

Last weekend Brian and I had a night away.  We spent time on a beautiful lake in the water we both love.  Those hours away were priceless and gave us a chance to reconnect.  We communicate daily but the truth is we communicate about our children, schedules, and daily life needs.  
When we are just the two of us it takes awhile to settle into our own conversation and truthfully it is a little awkward at first.  We have to get past our children which are our whole world.  
After that we can talk about each of us and our dreams.  We talk about what works for us as a couple and a family and what is not feeling quit right.  
We had time to sit at a dinner table, walk around a very quaint  little town, and go running together.  This summer has been rough on a personal level and in that I have realized we really need time to take care of us also.  That is very hard sometimes with lots of growing kids.  

It was good to get away and truthfully by Sunday morning we missed all of our kids and couldn't wait to be back together again!


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