Friday, August 8, 2014

Sixteen Years Ago

Sixteen years ago we said "I Do".  We were young just twenty-two and twenty four.  We were both done with college and life was full of love, hope, and dreams.  We moved away from family to start our little life. Our first house had a very bright blue carpet.  Love and romance were a part of that little old blue house.  We were so excited with our new life together.

We spent time with couple friends that would last a lifetime and started figuring out who we were.  Days were filled with the ups and downs of life and we learned how to fight good as well as say "I am sorry".  We debated on having kids (I know a funny statement now) or living a life full of careers that had not reached their full potentials.  We ate dinner at nine at night and took walks after dark.

Fast forward sixteen years.   Our house is full of kids and we eat dinner as early as we can.  I basically stay at home with kids and Brian is a well connected banker in our community.  We have seen how rough life can be and many tears have been cried.  We have also had many moments filled with goodness and peace.  Our favorite days are those that are not complicated with just our family and simple times.  Brian has always been so good to me.  He always stands beside me and as I have said before he is my rock.  The look in this photo is one the still passes between us.  I pray for our future, for a love that grows each day, and for respect that has carried us all these years.

On a side note for years now we have watched our wedding video on this evening and have included our kids.  We just realized we no longer have a VCR so there will be no video tonight.  I will have to tell you there are four kids who are so grateful for they found it very boring!

Brian, I love you for all you are to me and all that we will become in the years ahead of us!


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