Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Two Months Home

This little love of ours has been home a little over two months now.  It is so very hard to believe as it feels like he has always been here.  That is the beauty of those years of waiting just fading away as we get down to living life.  I feel for the most part he is doing amazing.  He is fitting in with his siblings. He is a little spoiled by them, there is no doubt, but there are also those disagreements. A sure sign we are becoming true siblings.  As far as attachment I think we are getting there.  I can see our little set backs but on a whole I feel his connection with me.  Attachment can be so very complicated, but in so many ways I can feel it happening.  

As this photo would say to me there are times in life we are just falling off  the path that we thought was set.  I have felt that way as I have become the mother of five.  For me the fog of that fact just started lifting a couple of weeks ago and reality started to set in.  It felt real which includes all the wonderful and hard.  The wonderful is I love having a big family and having a new little one to love on is heaven.  I missed those little kid books and play dough time. The hard is how much laundry does this family really wear and where did all those groceries go?  All of which makes up my new life!


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