Monday, February 15, 2016

My hope

One of my secret hopes when we adopted Jee Seong is that Andy would have a buddy.  Someone he could be a leader to.  Someone that could look up to him.  Slowly I am starting to see this happen.  On this particular day I caught them both outside eating icicles.  Something brothers would do as I am sure the girls would question where those icicles were found. 
Another moment happened as I was going to do (more) laundry.  Reading is something we are working on with Andy and for him to read to his brother is a positive event.  As with all siblings the moments are not always smooth.  For that reason I know we are truly becoming siblings.  I am hoping that as these boys grow they will share many brother secrets and moments. It has taken some time for this to happen as we have all had to adjust to our new roles in life.

Wishing everyone a beautiful it too early to wish for spring?


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