Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Wedding

Last week my family headed to Pegosa Spring for a cousin's wedding.  It was set in the beautiful Colorado mountains complete with a beautiful barn reception.  We danced the night away outside the barn complete with white little lights above our head.  

It has been awhile since we have been to a wedding.  So fun to see the sight of young love with their whole futures ahead of them.  Of course the little ones in the wedding have a way of stealing the show!

We were lucky enough to be in one of the front rows to capture a couple of shots.  

My aunt and uncle and grandparents of the bride. I thought they looked so cute!  They have been married a long time.  Wonder if they thought back to that day they said their own vows?

My niece who is affectionately called "Minnie Me".   She came out from the shade to get closer to all the action.  

My sister had some babysitting time as we waited for the wedding to start.  

With that the wedding was over and the fun would start.  A wonderful dinner and then a fun dance. My sisters and I love a good dance floor. Really there is no better way to end the night celebrating love and new beginnings.


Drew Watts said...

Hey!! Such a lovely wedding. The couple is looking very cute. Bride is looking so pretty in that outfit. Few days ago have attended my best friend’s wedding at one of event venues Chicago. There everything was just amazing and I had lovely time.

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