Friday, June 3, 2016

My "42" list

Forty two years on earth.  Still figuring out who I am as I ride this full and sometimes crazy life I have. Full of noise with lots of kids, schedules that make my hair gray, and early morning sunrises that bring peace of a new day!

A few years ago I made a list of what makes me Mom/Teri/Wife so one day my kids can learn a little about me.  

1.  Love being a mom of five
2. Married to an amazing man
3.  Chai tea lover
4. Run five days a week
5.  Love podcasts
6. Photos=love
7. Gardening makes me happy
8.  Teri's Photography
9.  Dancer at heart
10.  Adoption advocate
11.  Reading- can't live without it
12.  Color- Blue- Teal
13.  Apple Products
14.  Scared to fly
15.  Jeans most days
16.  Hate socks
17.  Beach- my favorite place
18.  Fresh flowers on my table
19.  Scrapbooking is amazing
20.  Journaler
21.  Love the water
22. Dresses in summer
23.  Love hats
24.  Hate to cook
25.  Knitting love
26.  Believer
27.  Dream house=Farmhouse
28.  Design team dreams
29.  Antique love
30.  Vegetables over meat
31.  Want to hike more
32. Love to be in a kayak
33.  Don't like to drive
34.  Love to ride a bike in a dress
35.  Canon girl
36.  Introvert
37.  Lavender favorite plant
38.  Love old barns
39.  Graham crackers and milk favorite snack
40.  Love to learn
41.  Outside so much better than inside
42.  Thankful for another year!


quilt'n-mama said...

Happy Birthday friend!
Hoping we can catch up in this summer, heading out your way the end of the month then to the Kids Day at the National Park in July!
Love your list!

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