Monday, July 11, 2016

Bent's Fort and Friends

A trip to Bent's Fort to see some very special friends and learn through living history.  The story of us meeting started as a virtual friendship which turned into real life meet ups.  How great it is to be with another family that has been created very much like our own.

I love the way Luke is holding hands with this little lady that will steal your heart. Her brother is such a little ham.  This family was waiting for him to come home the same time we waited for Luke.  Many emails were sent as we waited for answers and prayed our boys would be home soon.

These two boys have a lot in common.  They are so amazing  together!

Finding some shade as we waited for the others to be done.  This mama teaches me so much every time we meet up!  Her blog is at quilt-n-mama .  She will inspire you with all that she does!

All of our kids had roles to play at the fort. Katie was a journalist.  What a great role for her. However, she would like to be a trader next year!  Andy was a laborer and built adobe bricks.  He loved it and would like to be a hunter next year! We will see, either way it is at the top of our list to return next summer!


quilt'n-mama said...

Thank you for spending the day with us! Loved seeing you, you bless me so much!

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