Monday, December 5, 2016

Dec 4th--The Tree

It was once again time to find a tree.  The fact that it was snowy and cold surprised us all.  It was a good hike for all of us especially Luke who ended up on Riley's shoulders a lot.
We all looked to Bri's lead to find the best tree. Being our head elf I was more that happy to let her lead that decision.

Katie wanted to lean on the tree like her Dad. She is a trooper this one and has always been one of our best hikers!

Keeping up with my December Daily book.  I love this project and fitting in time to create during this crazy time of year.

It was Luke's first trip to get a tree with us.  Last year at the time we were so close to bringing him home.  

Not the best photo of the kids and I but you have to take what you can get sometimes.  Cutting the tree is always the biggest deal with negotiations about who is going to do that actual cutting. Carrying down was done by Brian, Bri, and Andy...look at all the help we have now!


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