Sunday, February 12, 2017

State Bound!!

This  freshman is headed to state in wrestling!!  I am so very excited for him.  The season has been filled with so many emotions and hard work.

He started out the season with a broken arm.  The result of the last game of his soccer season. His missed some wrestling matches due to his arm but he practiced every day with it.  

As soon as the cast came off we realized he had ring worm.  Not so much fun and it took us awhile to get it healed up. Practiced through all of it and missed some more matches.  I know his heart was sinking but in good Riley fashion he moved forward.  

Then this weekend came and regionals were upon us.  Yesterday he took 4th and this week he will be heading to state.  I was there on Friday for him but could not be there yesterday as I had to be Mom to the rest. My heart was with him and I am so excited! 

In honesty wrestling is not something I understand. I cheer for him and admire that work ethic that will serve him way beyond the mat.  These two boys have been friends a long time and they will both be on those big state mats this week!  What a weekend it has been!


Unknown said...

The emotions associated with wrestling are hard to put into words. Both of those two freshmen are great guys. Their future is bright and no matter what happens at state--the experience is worth more than wins. Proud of both of them and I know that wrestling is helping mold them into great men!

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