Friday, February 24, 2017

Project Life Week 2

The second week of the year. Seems like a long time ago but nevertheless here it is.  The wind was super crazy that week to the point of being scary.  Fallen trees, power outage, and a candlelight dinner. The kids loved eating in the dark!

All the sudden everyone was gone.  He sure missed his siblings.  Trying to figure out how to play a few minutes on his own. A true struggle of being number five.

A very sweet package from Korea this week.  The most adorable shoes that light up.  A letter with his foster Mom's heart written all over it.  Thankful for these connections and love!

I choose a word this year and it is brave.  I feel some new roads coming in my life as things change in the next year.  Clearly we never know where the road may take us just hoping to be brave and move where life is headed.

Sweetness at four.  Always up to something.  Love the sounds of little feet and playing in the house!


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