Monday, July 3, 2017

A week away at camp!

Going to camp with your cousin has to be one of those memories that you never forget.  This was a first for these two boys.  I was hoping this week would be filled with moments of new friends, fun adventures, and a break away from lets just say siblings. 
Andy was ready and very neatly packed. Sometimes these moments can be hard but he was all in.  A moment of realizing all the "top" bunks were taken turned into a moment of grace. Thankfulness on my part.

My one and only nephew.  I helped him get all settled and knew this kid was going to rock this week. If he could find someone to talk sports the week was sure to be a success.

Waiting to check in.  Lots of nerves and advice from a big brother who had attended the previous year.  

We got them settled in and said goodbye. After five days at camp we went back to get them. That night they were all smiles (and dirt).  Each had their own story to tell.  I heard from one the best part was the cereal???  They showed us around and we left. I really hope these boys get to repeat this adventure.


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