Monday, April 24, 2017

Week in the Life Sunday 4/23

Sunday was a gorgeous day outside.  Perfect for a little outside work.  That is my preferred place to be.  

Our Sundays start in mass. Our church is small and being in a small community everyone knows each other.  We usually sit on the right hand side three or four pews in. Funny how life is like that where people always sit the same places. 

After church Brian and Riley helped me with some head shots I needed.  Had Riley do some posing so I could get my camera set correctly.  He gives me a hard time but is pretty good about these things for me.

Photos from my phone:
1.  Andy loves to help cook. Breakfast being his specialty.  Katie had asked the night before to have crepes.

2.  After church I found Andy and Katie laughing over their Dad's yearbook. I heard them them say "That sure doesn't look like him". 

3.  Garden time.  We needed to work on the garden. Most years the family helps do some prep work and then I take it over in the summer. I prefer it that way and if a kid wanders out to help that is awesome and if not it is ok.

4.  My new peonies. Planted three hoping to get three more in May.

5.  Dinner was salmon and rice. Bri made cupcakes for dessert.  

Some views from today outside.  When I  look around there is a lot of work to do but maybe I need to look and see all that we have done.  

After these girls were done working they spent a lot of time painting their nails. I really prefer this activity outside. They have those sweet sister interactions during this activity.

The week is over. I have taken a lot of photos and written stories from our week. All of this will go in an album for us.  This is my third year of documenting a week.  Fun to look back and see what has changed and what stays consistent in our lives.


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