Saturday, December 16, 2017

December Daily Day 10-11

A very special day in Denver with Mom and Katie. We were lucky to see the Moscow Ballet perform the Nutcracker. We went as part of an event for the Girl Scouts of Colorado.  

It was a beautiful ballet in an old theater with so much history.  The colors of the ballet were breathtaking and the Russian take on this popular story was super fun to see.  The best was being with these two wonderful ladies in my life.  We will long remember our time in Denver and spending the day together!

To give is better than to receive is something I really want my kids to learn.  How hard that is when my kids are blessed to have lives that are full and bellies that are not hungry. We know this is not true for all the kids we know and want to teach our kids to give more than anything. I want them to learn how it feels to give of what they have.  A trip with many of them to fill boxes always is an adventure.  We must be a site to see at the store!


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