Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Daily Dec 4th

The decorating of the tree on a Sunday afternoon.  As the kids grow this isn't as popular of an activity as it used to be.  In the end though we were all there and worked together to put up the ornaments. 
I like looking at the ornaments and remembering the stories behind each one. The ones from when they were little.  The ones they hand made for us and the ones from travels of their grandparents.  All make up our memories as a family.  
A couple years ago we stopped putting our ornaments on the tree as it just gets too full.  One day though I imagine they will each start to take theirs and I will put mine back on. I am not looking forward to that day so for now after some coaxing we were all there on that afternoon.
There is still some wonder in this little man's eyes.  Thankful for that!


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