Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My first blog...

Our life has changed again for the 4th time on May 1st when we got the call that Andrew Xiao Tong will be coming home in June. For each of my four kids there is a special place in my heart that marks a time when I learned they would be in my life. For Andy this happened a week ago. Brian and I started this journey a year ago and the road wasn't always filled with acceptance but ALWAYS persistence on my part. I believed that little boy needed me and I needed him. Since then Andy is always in our prayers and thoughts. Riley is so excited to be a big brother, has big plans for Andy. Brianna tells me she will carry him and take care of him!! And Miss Katie, well she will have a hard time with this as she is now are baby and my constant shadow. I try not to think of how she will deal, but to think that each day we will give it all we got to make sure everyone has a place in our house and hearts!!


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