Thursday, May 29, 2008


To all who have been following our jouney the time has come to go to China. We got our travel approval on Tues, May 27th!! And since then life has been nuts. We heard today that Mom, Dad and Brian will get Andy on the 16th!! It looks like their trip will run June 10th through June 27th. This may change slightly but is our best guess. Tomorrow I work on booking tickets. We are all so excited to have him home. I can only imagine what he will bring to this family. My heart is very sad that I can't go but this was the choice we made so now I will wait to hold him in my arms. The kids are excited with a way that only kids can do. We know that things are still not good at the orhpange and are hoping to help out some way when we are there. How many turn of events this journey has had. So for tonight I will sign off and hopefully blog soon as we make more plans. Yeah!!! the time is almost here.


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