Friday, August 8, 2008

10 year anniversary

Today at 3 o'clock Brian and I will have been married 10 years. What a change 10 years can bring. When I think of us then just out of college, both working, intending to live a kidless life, and a good distance from out families. Life has let us live in four different house, two towns, and have two biological children and two by adoption all of which have stolen our hearts and tranformed out lives. I think about how one of us had more hair then and the other not so many lines under our eyes. When we would go to the pool with books, not inflatable baby holders. It has been quit the ride we have been on. Some roads have been hard and some just the plain wrong road followed but all of them have brought us to today!! Brian is truely my soulmate and the rock of our family. When I am going 100 mph he is standing still weighing the options. We each have our roles that seem to become more defined over time. It is life we are grateful for as we think about celebrating a love that God created for us to live each day.


Kristen said...

congratulations to you both!! So fun to look back and hear what God has done in your lives!

Unknown said...

That's beautiful, Teri. Congratulations.

angela said...

Congratulations, you kids! We celebrated 13 just 3 days earlier! And it is amazing how much can change. May God make this year even more amazing than the last 10!

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