Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have two-two year olds

Yesterday we celebrated Andy and Katie turning 2!! Funny to think of us truly having two two year olds. We may be in for it this year:) We spent the day at Grandma and Papa's house. Andy LOVES my Dad and really was with him each moment. It is fun to watch that bond. Katie was with Mom most of the day since she didn't really have to share me. We got to go swimming there for one last time before school starts and just hang out and play. I think they had a good day. We had banana splits for dessert to follow Andy's love for banana's and Kaite loves the ice cream, of course! I am so excited that everyone is home to celebrate this year. Last year I kept thinking of Andy on his birthday. They are too cuties with tons of energy!!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday katie and Andy! So glad they are both celebrating with you! Hudson has a birthday in a month...3!!! Hard to believe but so glad he is with us this year!

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