Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

We went to the swim park today. Of course after we loaded everyone up ( and all their stuff) it turned cloudy and didn't take the kids long to get cold! Still it was an outing and they all said they had fun. Riley and Brianna got to go on one more camping trip this weekend. This included Papa which was fun for them. Andy got his first haircut from Daddy today. He lines the boys up and they all get a buzz cut. He did really well which was good for him. We are all gearing up for the little ones birthdays in a week. Should be a fun day. They are two busy little ones. School is right around the corner. Seems funny since it has been so hot. It is also zucchini season at our house. Andy is getting his first taste of zucchini in everything!! So far so good, the other kids are seasoned and eating it with grinning faces depending on how we cook it that these days!! Life is moving along. Andy has been home a month!! Wow. God amazes us how our hearts were ready for four and they just seem to fit together!!

One of the little boys from Andy's orphange that has the same Gotcha Day as Andy is having surgery tomorrow. We pray for him and his family as they face this difficult time.


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