Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall News

We have heard from Andy's doctor and feel very relieved that Andy's heart seems to be fine. They will keep a watch on it over time but for now there was no hole to create the heart murmur so we can go forward. With those apts behind us we headed into a full weekend of soccer, boy scouts and all that fall activites bring. Brianna played for the first time this weekend and I have to say it was so cute. She spent some time laying on the grass when she wasn't on the field because she was SO tired. Riley graduated to the big kid soccer field and got quite the work out for his first game. It was fun to watch. As for the little ones they had a long morning watching. We are always a novelty when we go somewhere with everyone. I am always so engrossed in the moment of trying to keep track of everyone that we must truly be a site to see!


Sharon said...

Oh those sweet soccer saturdays!!! When Madi(our now 13 yr old) played her first year she enjoyed picking the flowers on the field more than anything and wondered why they had to run??? LOL!! LOVE your sweet family!

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