Thursday, September 11, 2008

Andy Surgery Date

After meeting a third doctor we have settled on doctor for Andy and have booked his surgery. He will have surgery on Dec 2nd. They will do his lip and palate all in one surgery. It seems like a long way off but we all are aware of how fast this time will go. We know this will not be an easy surgery but know we can walk this path as many other have. It was a long trip to see the doctor yesterday for Andy and today we had to go to see the pediatrician and restart some of the series of shots. During this visit the doctor told me that she heard a heart murmur and so next week we will head to the hospital to check this out. It did seem at that minute that I was really overwhelmed and tired. Our doctor told me to not to worry that this is pretty common but as a mother I can't help but worry and pray for this little boy whom I love. The other kids have done well esp the little ones who have been to many doctor apt it seems. Brianna worries about Andy's lip and how it is going to be fixed and will it hurt. So we will go forward and see what next week brings.


Sharon said...

Will be praying Andy's murmur is nothing!!!
Hudson turned 3 today...a bitter sweet day!

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