Monday, September 1, 2008

3 day weekend

It has been a fun Labor Day weekend. We have done little fun things with the kids and then had some home time to catch up or at least try to:). I have been thinking of Andy being home for 2 months now and how it seems he has always been a part of us. He has become our little truck man and will drag out as many as he can find! We will go to see the other doctor on the 10th of this month. Brian and I then wil decide on a doctor and set an apt for the 1st surgery. I am personally dreading this but know if must be done. So we are probably thinking early this winter is our best guess. Katie and Andy still fight a lot but I did catch them hugging the other day so am hopeful!! Miss Brianna starts preschool this week. She is so excited and will totally eat it up I imagine. As for Riley we are learning the ropes of 1st grade. For the most part he is doing great but we are learning about a little more homework and a little more responsiblity!! Fall is around the corner although I hope it holds off a little so my garden can produce a little more to feed this always hungry bunch in the winter!


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