Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Connection

Two years ago Katie came home. Up until today I have tried to be a good Mom and keep contact with her foster Mom via snail mail. This last time I wrote her I decided to include our email addresss. Well this morning a true surprise came through ,I got an email from her daughter. They told me how they missed Eun Sol and how her Mother was still keeping babies until they found their forever families. Katie was baby number 46 so you can imagine how that number has grown over these past few years. This message touched my soul. I have been wanting to make that connection easier and it has now happened. We have that connection with Andy's orphange and now Katie has it too. This daugher also found me on facebook and has given me the opporunity to see her and her family through facebook. She has a folder on her site called angels which are pictures of many families and babies they have and had. They are angels the kids and this very special family. I continue to be amazed at how small this world really is!


Sharon said...

That is so awesome!! What a gift for Katie to have as she gets older. Do you have contact with Mrs. Yang?

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