Monday, March 9, 2009

Riley is 7!

Our Oldest turned 7 on Friday! I told Brian we weren't old enough to have a 7 year old but that may not be true! Riley at 7 is a great kid. He is becoming more interested in those big boy things. This was the first birthday I really didn't buy what I would consider toys. The kids and I went to his classroom to bring cupcakes. I thought this may embarrass him as he brother threw a huge fit there, but Riley took it in stride and told me it was no big deal! The weekend was filled with our closest friends visit and some boy stuff of shooting off rockets and a trip to Bishops Castle. I think of Riley as that 4lbs 14oz baby we brought home. How much has changed in these past years. Riley told me it was quieter around here when we was a baby. That is a true statement! Brian and I are very proud of him and take these mile marker days to think back on how fast it has gone and how many moments we've had!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Riley and Happy Adoption Day last week!!!

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