Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Andy is Offically Our Son

Last Friday on Feb 27th we took the bigger kids out of school and headed to our court date to finalize Andy's adoption. It is about a 15 min occasion with a lifetime impact on his life as well as ours. The judges in both Andy and Katie's courts were so great to the kids. Talk about letting them "run" the courtroom. After some paperwork it was time for pictures. A time to remember about how far we have come and all those who have helped get us to this point. For me there is always a sadness for the birth parents that I hope in someway will know we will raise him to the best of our abilities. After court we took the kids to a petting farm. The kids thought this was a lot of fun even though it was a little chilly. How nice we looked going to the farm, us girls in our skirts! Then a long drive home and dinner out to complete the celebration. What fun we had.


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