Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Fun for Two Special 3 year olds!

Happy Birthday to you two little ones! They had a fun day. First got some time with Grandma and Papa and then we had a big dinner with friends that night. It was complete with brownies and homemade peach ice cream. They were so cute... a little scary blowing out candles but we all survived. They loved the presents and fun kids have. It is always amazing to me the different ways our family was created and all we have to be grateful for! These two are amazing and it was fun for Brianna and Riley. I always think of their birth moms on this day and many days. The words are hard to say when we think of them but as always we hope God can somehow make them feel the joy these two had yesterday. Now they are more toddlers and growing up way to fast, just like they all do.


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