Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Memories

I have just now gone through Christmas pictures.  Seemed like a crazy two weeks with so much going on.  One of my favorites parts of Christmas morning crepes with chocolate!

Riley is the oldest and was the most excited on Christmas morning!

Holidays seem to be very hard for Andrew. Way to much excitement and sensory overload it seems.  This was a sweet moment with his Dad and a moment of calm.

My sister and brother in law aboard the "Santa Express" . That was a crazy experience to say in the least. 

My favorite Christmas photo of niece Railyn. 

My two sisters with the awesome hats Tam made.  We were all busy "creating" this season!

Christmas morning.  Now life is back to normal. Kids back to school today and Brian back to work.  The holidays bring their own special memories but regular life is good also!


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