Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Days

January days mean a lot of time inside for us.  Everyone has their own activities going during the day.  The girls finally pulled out their Barbies to spend a little time playing...they got Andy to attend their play wedding as Ken. 

I have had a little time to knit this winter and finish some long awaited projects.

Riley loves to create and spent some time making salt dough which would eventually become a cub scout project.

I bought some cherries this summer and finally decided it was time to make a pie. I am not really the pie maker of the family..that is my sisters job...but at least it didn't run all over our plates.

Katie is always creating.  It takes very little supplies to make her mind go into create mode. 

January Days..sometimes they feel cozy and some days cramped, but always feel like family.


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