Monday, January 23, 2012


Reading has become a favorite pastime to many in this family.  It has always been one of mine and now it seems to be rubbing off on others.  Watching Andy sit here and read is amazing. When he came home he could not sit, he was constant energy.  Now he is mostly energy but does sit and look at books quit a bit.  Ignore the bear in his mouth, he has a smelling sensation with them, but is one of his favorite reading buddies.

Riley may pass me up this year in pages read!  He is a book worm. 

Katie is our newest reader.  She too seems to love it.  I have to say many times a day I make deals with myself like just one more load of laundry and then you get one chapter, or just fifteen minutes and you can then clean the bathroom. To have more book "escape" artists in our house makes my heart happy!

Look at my new page on this blog..keeping track of books I have read just to see my final 2012 count.


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